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This pretty gelding with the lovely wavy mane, is our original pony, he definitely has the most rides under his belt and knows how to treat a child. He's a good medium sized pony with good endurance.


Jewel is a buckskin mare. She is a medium sized pony, super safe, with more whoa than go. She's very interested in children, she likes attention, but she likes treats even more!


Midnight is our strongest pony. She's a little taller and sturdier, able to handle the larger children. She's great at birthday parties and we also use her for lessons.


Princess is a beautiful blue eyed all white pony, (unless there's any mud around... then she's light to dark brown all over that mud!) She fancies herself the welcoming committee whether humans or fellow equine. She's a very small mare, so she is reserved for only the smaller children and she also doubles as a unicorn.



We adopted Sasha this year from Peaceful Acres, an animal rescue in Temple. Sasha had come to them two years earlier in foal, they did a wonderful job caring for Sasha through her pregnancy and delivery and afterwards preparing her for a life as a lead line pony. She is super sweet and loves attention, great under saddle.

Sassy, if you didn't already figure it out, is Sasha's baby. They look so similar! and if it's possible, Sassy is even sweeter than her mama. She has been in close contact with people all her life and has built a strong trust. She's old enough now to begin carrying a little weight so she will be participating in lead line events as well.


Missy one of our bigger ponies. She has a sweet disposition and is super willing.